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Why do i fall asleep after eating?

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Hi to all,

Could someone please explain this say if i have a sandwhich for lunch and some fruit or it could be any type of food then 20 minuets later iam really tired, i hate falling asleep in the afternoon as i would like to get a job could it be because of charbohydrates ect i have lost weight since been diagnosed as a diabetic which iam pleased about but how do i stop the need to fall asleep associated with food.

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    • Most likely getting sleepy is due to consuming too many carbohydrates at any one meal.

      Do you test BS before and after meals?

      Testing is the best way to learn what different foods and portions are doing to the BS.

      Have you seen a Certified Diabetes Educator, if not, please do so. The more you learn about diabetes and about foods, etc. the better it will be for you.

      Bread and fruit in one meal is most likely too many carbs for you.

      #1; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 23:03:00 GMT
    • Do you test BS before and after meals?

      Testing is the best way to learn what different foods and portions are doing to the BS.What are acceptable levels for before and after a meal? How long 'after' do you test your blood sugar? I'm sure you don't take out a test kit in the middle of a restaurant. I often fall asleep after eating and I don't like it at all. The other day my blood sugar was 74 and I started feeling 'a little strange', yet today my level was 97 and all felt was tired and hungry but was not ready to doze off! For a sixty year old male, what should I be aiming at?

      on-edit: And is it my imagination or pure coincidence that I always fall asleep soon after eating Campbell's tomato soup or Dinty Moore stew?

      #2; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 23:04:00 GMT
    • Wow! I couldn't eat canned soups at all without quite a rise in blood sugar. And high bs always made me sleepy. I started off testing as soon as awake in a.m. , before eating, then 1/2 hour after start of meal, 1 hour, then 2 hours. If you find your sugars are high continue testing till 5 hours out. It takes that long for a high to go down in some cases. After you know what makes your sugars rise, you can go with testing casually during a day. Really look at what your are eating, it may be something that you cannot tolerate that is causing the sleepiness.

      P.s. did you realize that tomato is a fruit? it gives quite a rise in a lot of diabetics.

      #3; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 23:05:00 GMT
    • Nearly all canned soups have way too many carbs for me. I did find one that doesn't and I like very much. It is Progresso Carb Monitor soup. My favorites are Chicken Cheese Enchilada and Tuscan Meatball. Both have about 6 carbs per serving compared to 20 for Campbell's tomato soup.

      Acceptable levels for blood sugar are 110 before a meal and 140 two hours after. Sure, you can test in a restaurant. Just make sure your fingers are clean.

      #4; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 23:06:00 GMT
    • One thing to remember is that if you have a sleep problem such as sleep apnea and are tired you just might be falling asleep because of that and it might not be related to eating at all. How could you possibly know that you would be staying awake if you had not eaten? Ofcourse you might experiment a few times and see how things go.
      #5; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 23:07:00 GMT