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what does sugar in urine but not a diabetic mean?

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what does sugar in urine but not a diabetic mean?

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    • It means they're probably not really a non-diabetic.
      #1; Wed, 19 Dec 2007 00:45:00 GMT
    • I always thought that sugar in the urine means that you are diabetic. Sugar only gets into the urine if blood glucose is high. The so-called renal threshhold is breached and glucose is eliminated through the kidneys.
      #2; Wed, 19 Dec 2007 00:46:00 GMT
    • I agree with Mark. Also, no one diagnoses or eliminates diabetes any more with simply a urine test. It is just too inaccurate. You need blood work and maybe even a glucose tolerance test. If you were told that you were not a diabetic even though you have glucose in your urine, I would try another doctor. But that's just my opinion.


      #3; Wed, 19 Dec 2007 00:47:00 GMT
    • Thank you for your remarks everyone. Yes, I've had several glucose tolerance tests (insufferable stuff), as well as blood panels and they always come back as I'm not a diabetic, that everything is normal.

      Hence my doctor says I am not diabetic ~ that my body "slips sugar into my urine because my renal threshold is so low." I came to this site because I wanted to know if anyone else has this problem and what did "they find out." I keep thinking I might have diabetes because I'm over 50; several lbs. overweight, and currently not participating in any structured, exercise program. I'm sure I'm being my own worse enemy...

      Thank you again for your shares.

      #4; Wed, 19 Dec 2007 00:48:00 GMT
    • This is a very interesting thread to me. I was diagnosed with T2 in 1984...no symptoms, just two random fasting blood glucose levels of 126.

      However, many years before that, in 1969, I went for a routine pre-employment physical and was told I had sugar in the urine. (Just before that urine test, I had eaten a large bowl of cereal with sugar on it.)

      I went for a blood test at that time (fasting bg, don't recall doing a GTT) and was told that I was not diabetic.

      Since I had no symptoms even as late as 1984, when I was finally diagnosed, I don't think it's possible that I had been diabetic since 1969. I do suspect, however, that I'd been diabetic for at least 3-4 years before I was diagnosed.

      I've never heard that term, "low renal threshhold" before, and am curious to know more about it. <sigh> looks like I'm in for a night of research!


      #5; Wed, 19 Dec 2007 00:49:00 GMT
    • Hi Ruth.

      The renal threshold, in reference to glucose, is the blood sugar level at which your kidney begin to filter glucose out of the blood. That was the problem for many years with urine testing. In some cases (I am one) people have a high renal threshold. That would mean that the blood sugar could go quite high before the kidneys begin to filter it out. A low threshold would suggest that the kidneys have a bit of a "hair trigger" and start to filter at a lower blood sugar level than most.

      Hope this helps.


      #6; Wed, 19 Dec 2007 00:50:00 GMT
    • ... Hence my doctor says I am not diabetic ~ that my body "slips sugar into my urine because my renal threshold is so low." ...

      It sounds like you have what is called Renal Glycosuria. Here is a definition :

      Renal glucosuria is the excretion of glucose in the urine in detectable amounts at normal blood glucose concentrations or in the absence of hyperglycemia. In general, renal glucosuria is a benign condition and does not require any specific therapy. Glucosuria may be associated with tubular disorders such as Fanconi syndrome, cystinosis, Wilson disease, hereditary tyrosinemia, or oculocerebrorenal syndrome (Lowe syndrome).

      If you do a search on this, you will find lots of info.

      #7; Wed, 19 Dec 2007 00:51:00 GMT
    • Thanks Mark and Cora. It just occurred to me...maybe I have a low renal threshhold because I also have renal stenosis and only one functioning kidney? I didn't develop the stenosis until 1977, but it turned out my left kidney never grew (probably from birth) and the right one had enlarged to take over the total kidney function.

      Since that was the only time, as far as I know, that my urine was even tested for sugar, I have no idea whether or not it was a common occurrence for me to spill sugar.

      Ah well, it probably doesn't matter much at this point anyway. Regardless of the duration, original diagnosis (T2), etc., I am now, according to my endo, officially an insulin-dependent diabetic.


      #8; Wed, 19 Dec 2007 00:52:00 GMT
    • My husband had that since he was born, so did his mother and sister. Its called "renal diabetes" (there is a more scientific name for it but I don't remember what it is). Sugar spills into the urine but the blood is fine. Eventually my husband's mother and my husband became diabetics but for 40 years there was no sugar in the blood.


      #9; Wed, 19 Dec 2007 00:53:00 GMT