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Parasite, Eurytrema pancreaticum ?

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While reading on diabetes, I ran across info that states every diabetic has a parasite, Eurytreama pancreaticum, in the pancreas. I absolutely hate the thought. But has anyone read this info previously, done anything about it, seen any research by someone who isn't trying to sell something? Thanks.

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    • Parasites are part of our bodies makeup. I don't mean we produce them, but they are so many of them that reside inside of us. You would not even want to know what resides in our digestive system - it is not a pretty picture. But it is necessary for the "big picture" to work right.

      I say this not know what that particular parasite is you mentioned. Okay, I don't have a handle on any of the paracites that we suport. I just know that they are common in a human body. Of course, there are bad ones that cause problems. I am guessing that if we all have this parasite and it is not being treated by the medical profession it is not a problem for us. I don't say that because I believe the medical profession is up on treating these things it is just because someone in the profession would be treating it and we would hear about it.

      #1; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 14:18:00 GMT
    • I find it hard to believe that EVERY diabetic has this parasite. I say that because Type 1 & type 2 are so different. Also there are many variations of Type 2.

      I tried googling "Eurytrema pancraticum" and found this: "Eurytrema pancreaticum is a parasite of the pancreatic ducts of pigs, cattle, camels, and monkeys; it has been reported once from humans. This species is found in many parts of the Orient and in a few areas of South America."

      Also found this in another web site: "All diabetics have a common fluke parasite, Eurytrema pancreaticum, the pancreatic fluke of cattle, in their own pancreas. It seems likely that we get it from cattle, repeatedly, by eating their meat or dairy products in a raw state. It is not hard to kill with a zapper but because of its infective stages in our food supply we can immediately be reinfected.

      Eurytrema will not settle and multiply in our pancreas without the presence of wood alcohol (methanol). Methanol pollution pervades our food supply -- it is found in processed food including bottled water, artificial sweetener, soda pop, baby formula and powdered drinks of all kinds including health food varieties. I presume wood alcohol is used to wash equipment used in manufacturing. If your child has diabetes, use nothing out of a can, package or bottle except regular milk, and no processed foods."

      I view this second with extreme skepticism. Again, type 1 & 2 are different. This would also seem to indicate that diabetes is nonexistent in those who don't eat beef, such as the Hindu or strict vegetarians.

      That flashing light is the high BS level alarm (not Blood Sugar).

      #2; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 14:19:00 GMT