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Fasting Glucose level 94

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Hi folks, I have just a few questions about my latest glucose level. I had my bloodwork done at work for basic cholestoral, tri, and glucose. Every year I have done this, the results have been "excellent" and the nurse who reads them back to me asks if I'm generally in good health, if I eat really well, which I don't. Today the nurse asked if I was a vegetarian. I think it's rather amusing because I eat a LOT of bad stuff most of the time. She said I must have good genes.

That's all great, but I worry about diabetes because it's in my family on both the maternal and paternal side. Years ago, I had the GTT test and it showed a bit of hypoglaucemia, but I kind of forgot about it over the years. Lately, I've had two instances where I felt lightheaded and just weird when I haven't eat for a long while, took my blood and it was low like 40. When I ate something, it went back up to 60 something and I did feel better at that time. Is that something I need to take into consideration, or is it common sense that if you don't eat for however many hours, your bloodsugar is gonna get a bit low? and i'm not sure how accurate the machine is, it was my dad's and he passed away back in 2001, so the machine could be old and not working properly, I suppose.

I keep hearing that the hypo issue usually means you will get diabetes later on, so I'm wondering what i need to do to delay that as much as I can. I have cut down on sugar, I try to drink more water and hae just one sugar in my coffee rather than 2. Do I need to cut sugar out all together to prevent it, like avoid cakes, sweets, chocolate, etc?

Also, back to the excellent bloodwork...she told me my glucose was 94. That was after fasting for 12 hours (a bit more actually). But when I looked up normal levels, it said 100 and over was something that could indicate diabetes. So how can a reading of 94 be "excellent" if it's so close to 100? Does the proxmity to the number matter that much? I know there's different standards too depending on where you find your info.

She said all the numbers were excellent, so I should just leave it at that and live my life, but I want to be cautious too, just not sure how cautious I have to be without being TOO paranoid.

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    • Rain,

      "Proximity" to 100 doesn't mean anything...as long as it was under 100, it's normal.

      On the other hand, the fact that you did have hypoglycemia and that you have a family history of diabetes means you really should be taking preventive measures now! Yes, you should carefully monitor your carb intake, but that means not only avoiding sweets, but also being very careful about potatoes, rice and white flour, all of which are high-carb. Not that you can't ever have ANY of that stuff, but infrequently and in measured portions.

      As for hypoglycemia...best diet is low carb, high protein anyway, so that will help with the diabetes prevention as well.

      You can probably find some info on diet at the American Dietetic Association. Search for "hypoglycemic diet" both there and in general, and you should find plenty of info.

      Good luck!


      #1; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 16:34:00 GMT
    • A fasting of 94 is a great number in my book! I take oral medications and have not had a normal fasting in years, no matter what I do (usually in 140's). It would certainly be a good idea to keep an eye on things and watch your diet, but she is right to tell you that 94 is excellent. :)



      #2; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 16:35:00 GMT